Home Decor

There is a reason we felt comfortable and at rest in our Grandmother’s home. As if the world outside her walls did not exist, she designed her home to appeal to her own taste and her family’s comfort. Before the dawn of Pinterest boards, her art emulated sentiment. Each piece was deeply meaningful. Walls adorned with handmade pieces, shelves layered with collectables that spoke to her heart. She designed her home with treasures. Over the years the walls filled up, and little room was left on shelves. She lived by the motto “More is more.”

I deeply respect a woman who knows her style, and owns it. It took me years to tune out the opinions of the masses. I felt pressure to be a minimalist, a farm girl, and a city girl. However, true unique style cannot be held captive under names like traditional or modern. I find that my home started to become mine when I chose pieces that had meaning. Treasure is not defined by worth. It does not have to be valuable, but it does need to be significant. What does your home say about who you are? If your walls could actually talk, what stories could they tell? Both of my grandmother’s were my babysitters. Collectively, I spent years in their homes. I had a first row seat to their world. Their walls were adorned with photographs of their children, and grandchildren. Their sofas were clothed with afghans made by their Mothers. This new collection is inspired by the colors and aesthetic of my childhood. It intersects the past and present, and layers traditional designs with modern finishes.